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Why Choose Us?

Corvette Rubber prides itself on providing quality American made products. Our hard working employees are committed to excellence. Attention to detail is present from the press operator, to all parts being hand trimmed, to the finishing & packaging of every order. Our goal is to provide the most accurate reproduction weatherstripping on the market - that fits!


From here on out, I will keep all my weather stripping business needs directed to Corvette Rubber Company.

Pat, North Carolina

I bought all my rubber from Corvette-Rubber a few years ago for my '77 and was VERY satisfied with product, price, and speed of delivery.

Jeff, Kentucky

I followed your advice and all weatherstrip is now installed. I did quite a bit of shopping prior to purchase. It wasn't until I found your product that I had any confidence in the quality of what I was buying from any of the various suppliers. The weatherstrip fit perfect and looks perfect. The old vette is much quieter with less wind noise and rattles. Thanks for an excellent product at a fair price.

Dave Williams

I wasted my time and money for weather strip elsewhere. I found Corvette Rubber. Sweet fit and price. C3 vet.

Max Obryant

American Made, and it Shows!

Before investing in weatherstripping for your American Classic, take the time to ensure it is being manufactured in the U.S.A.

Other companies are marketing "OEM compliant" latex weatherstripping, manufactured over-seas. It may look good at first glance, but the quality and durability are not up to the standard of EPDM sponge.

We are proud of our "Made in Michigan" brand